Herbert Davis, 1923 – 1996 Chapter I

My late Dad’s birthday is soon approaching, and I thought it would be a good time to publish a memorial to him. I am starting by sharing the earliest photos I have of him. I would be grateful for any additional information on the photos.

Early Life at River, St Andrew, Barbados

Clarence Fitzherbert McCarthy Davis, my father, was born in Barbados on the 25th of October, 1923. His parents were Malcolm McCarthy Davis and (Amy) Kathleen Harding. I think Malcolm was the manager of River Plantation, and Kathleen was a housewife, or home maker. Below is the earliest photo I have of Herbert.

Barbados, c. 1923: Kathleen, baby Herbert and Malcolm
Barbados, c. 1926. LR: Malcolm, toddler Herbert and Kathleen

The exact location of the photos above and below are unknown, but the hills in the background suggest the Scotland District. I have a note indicating it was River Plantation, St Andrew which was affiliated with Bawdens, mentioned later. This makes sense as Herbert’s younger brother, Harold, was born at River on 31st July 1926.

River Plantation, c. 1926. LR: Standing: Missionary couple (Mullins), Kathleen, Malcolm …  Seated: Gladys, Dibbon (holding Herbert), …

The photograph below may have been taken at Bawden’s Plantation in St Andrew, Barbados. It will be of interest to my Gill and Harding relatives, as the caption identifies Kiturah who was a Gill as well as a few Hardings. Herbert is the toddler (babe-in-arms) held by Ermine Banfield. Ermine was my first cousin, twice removed.



Standing:  Malcolm and Kathleen Davis (Herbert’s parents), Kiturah (nee Gill, Malcolm’s mother),  baby Herbert Davis, Ermine Banfield (dau of Elliot), Rita and Gladys Davis (Malcolm’s sisters), Lolita Davis (unknown), Edgar Welch (married Rita), Dibbon Davis (Malcolm’s sister), Leslie Harding (Kathleen’s brother), Robert Fitzherbert Davis (Malcolm’s father), Clarence Harding (Kathleen’s father)

Sitting: Edith Harding and Elise Ward (Kathleen’s sisters), _____ Bynoe, Lucy Harding and Mildred Harding (almost entirely hidden), Mary Harding, Marguerite Harding (last 3 probably all Leslie’s daughters) and Grace Harding (behind, probably Leslie’s wife, nee Bynoe)

Photo taken by Bob Ward at (I guess) Bawdens and River Plantation, St. Andrew, Barbados. My notes suggest that Bawdens was purchased by   F. F. C. (Fitz) Gill  June 22, 1917 for £13,000! Fitz Gill was Granny Kathleen’s uncle.


Back row: Hilton Seale, boy of 13?, old man 65+, middle aged man, Malcolm Davis (about 40?), old man (dark tan) planter? 65+, middle aged man

Front row: Doris Seale, Herbert in lap, with two other small children, unknown 35? yr old lady with child in lap, Amy Kathleen (nee Harding) Davis, Sylvia Streat 40, husband Gordon Harding?

I am going to stick an extra photo here. It is hard to believe that my grandfather once had hair! Can anyone identify the house?

Barbados, c. 1926: Malcolm holding Herbert

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