Anthony Davis (1949-2009) Chapter IV

St. Vincent

Our father, Herbert, had a wooden sailboat called Aurora. I think it was about twenty seven feet long. When Herbert was tasked with opening a new branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in St. Vincent, he was no going to leave his boat in Barbados!

Sailing from Barbados to St. Vincent in 1964


Circa 1964 – Aurora entering Careenage, Bridgetown, Barbados


The above shows Aurora entering the Careenage, Bridgetown. Herbert kept the boat at the Royal Barbados Yacht Club, as it was then known. The boat was brought to Bridgetown to do the required paperwork before leaving for St. Vincent.

St. Vincent was a hundred miles away across deep open ocean. Herbert made the trip navigating with a compass and a transistor radio!

I strongly desired to go on this adventure, but I was only thirteen and I had a habit of falling overboard!

Circa 1964 – Careenage, Barbados: Anthony, Herbert and Harold Jones

At fifteen Anthony was chosen to crew. The others were Jacques Baldini, cousin Harold Jones and of course, Herbert.


Circa 1964 – St. Vincent: Anthony, Jacques Baldini, Herbert in front of Harold Jones

 Life in St. Vincent

Most of our school days were spent at our grandparents’ home, Windermere, in St. John, Barbados. We did fly to St. Vincent for most vacations. There we had many friends and enjoyed the parties and the fishing.


Anthony and the lush Vincentian vegetation
“Tally Ho”, St. Vincent: Herbert, Ian, Marjorie, Ronnie and Anthony





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      1. My great uncle Max was not LDS. He spent nearly 2 decades researching Goff family history using LDS research centers and libraries. I am so thankful for the work he did to preserve our family history. I believe family history work and genealogy are important to everyone. Learning about who and where we come from, can help us understand who we are, and our potential. Thank you so much for sharing your work to inspire others.


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