Anthony Davis (1949-2009) Chapter III

School Play

Barbados was once a British colony, and the dominant culture was English. When we were in school we held British passports, and many Barbadians thought of themselves as English. This influenced the educational system, and we would take exams from Oxford and Cambridge on graduation.

In this vein, Lodge was a boys’ school, based on the English public schools. It was described as similar to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

As a little boy, I was very impressed that Anthony always came first in his class. Firstly it was very difficult to get into Lodge. Secondly students were divided into an A stream and a B stream, and Anthony was in the A stream. He became “Head Boy” and was accepted by Cambridge University in England.

Shakespearian plays were the norm at Lodge. Below Anthony is playing Julius Caesar. (On another occasion I recall he played Calpurnia.)
04320003Can anyone identify the supporting actors?


Above: The third person from the left may be Clive Davies from Britain.






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