Anthony Davis (1949-2009) Chapter II

When I was 12, we went with our parents to America. This trip was Herbert’s “Long Leave,” as he was required to travel north every few years.


New York – Anthony with Marjorie and great uncle Leo


This photo below was taken at great uncle Leo’s and great aunt Ida’s home in Brooklyn. I was breathing out trying to see the vapour condense from my breath, something that we had never seen in Barbados!

About 1962 – Brooklyn, New York, USA: Anthony and Ian


Brooklyn, New York, USA: Anthony, Marjorie and Ian

The photo below was taken at Plymouth, Crane, St. Philip, Barbados. In the background is the ravine, then the cliff and then the blue rough sea. We had a flight of concrete steps down to a secluded beach. My grandfather, Laurence, rented Plymouth every year.

Plymouth, Barbados: Ian with Laurence and Philip Cheeseman, Malcolm, Anthony and Ione Cheeseman

This was taken at Bohemia, 10th Avenue, Belleville, St. Michael, Barbados. The steps lead to the front door. The walk gate and driveway gate are visible. Behind the fence is the 10th Avenue with its’ massive “Cabbage Palms.” We are in front of a rose bed. To the right of the photo there is an orchid, and to the left a Periwinkle. The Periwinkles grew wild on my father’s land in St. Andrew.

Bohemia: Anthony in suit and Ian in school uniform

This is Anthony on the East Coast of Barbados. We loved to explore and run around these beaches and hills.

Teenager Anthony at Cattlewash?





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