Anthony Davis (1949-2009) Chapter I

Early Years

Anthony Herbert Davis was born in Barbados in 1949. I think he was born in a house with Lodge in the name just north of Bridgetown. Our family was Anglican, so infant baptism was mandated. Here is a photo of Anthony’s Christening.

1949 Barbados: Malcolm, Kathleen, Marjorie with baby Anthony, Amy, Herbert, Laurence, Wendy Farmer and unknown gentleman
Kathleen holding Anthony and Malcolm



I have no idea where the following three photos were taken.

Ian and Anthony


Herbert, Marjorie, Ian and Anthony


Barbados: Marjorie and Anthony


I believe this was taken at Constant, Belleville, St. Michael, Barbados. I recall a barber visiting us. He was a Cheeseman, and he was known as Dummy because he was unable to speak.

Anthony, Herbert, Ian and barber


This is probably Constant, Belleville again. Anthony appears to be feeding Ian.

Ian and Anthony


Here is Anthony holding baby Ronnie.

Ian and Anthony holding Ronnie



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