Marjorie Davis (1927-2010) Chapter V

St. Vincent

When they first moved to St. Vincent, Herbert and Marjorie rented a home on a beach facing Young Island. We boys enjoyed swimming, rowing and fishing. On weekends, Dad would take us sailing.

One remarkable story is that when Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth II, visited St. Vincent he spent some time at this house. My mother prepared the house for his visit and then stayed away until he left. She said she painted the word Britannia on our dingy, the tender for our sailboat. She said Prince Philip actually went rowing in it.

The next home was also rented. “Tally Ho” was a little further from the beach, but it was still only a short walk away. Ken and Phyllis Punnett had a beautiful home nearby, but I do not know where this was taken.

St. Vincent: Marjorie, Ronnie and Phyllis Punnett


The last home in St. Vincent was “Ho Bohemia.” This was built by Herbert. It had a commanding view, including the sea and neighbouring islands.

Ho Bohemia, above Calliaqua, St. Vincent


Herbert used to have his hair cut by an itinerate barber, but here is something unexpected.

Ho Bohemia: Marjorie cutting Herbert’s hair

Marjorie was very active in the Mothers’ Union. This group may be affiliated:

St. Vincent: Marjorie and another lady


This  is a family reunion. Anthony and family are visiting from England, Ian’s and Ronnie’s families from Barbados. Laurence was living with my parents after Amy passed.

Ho Bohemia: Dominic, Ian, Herbert, Sarah, Marjorie, Ronnie, Anthony, Kathy, Daniel, Laurence and Sandra


Grannie Marjorie enjoys her first two grandchildren.

Ho Bohemia: Marjorie, Daniel and Dominic

Marjorie did not enjoy sailing because of the intense sun. She did enjoy being outdoors though.


Marjorie probably on Herbert’s boat, Cecily M.



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