Marjorie Davis (1927-2010) Chapter IV

Marjorie’s Family Years in Barbados

My recollections of my parents start in Belleville, where we lived on the 10th avenue. We first lived at “Constant”, a two story wooden home. Then we moved to “Bohemia”, which was close to George Street. Below Marjorie and Herbert in the backyard of Bohemia. The concrete wall runs along 10th Avenue. Behind the wall are towering palms. We called them Cabbage Palms, but their scientific name is Roystonea oleracea. They bore a “broom” which was used by our maid.

Bohemia, Belleville: Marjorie and Herbert


Marjorie with Anthony



We were close to Bridgetown, and I recall my father coming home for lunch!

Bohemia, Belleville, St. Michael, Barbados: Marjorie and Herbert with Anthony and Ronnie. Our Julie mango tree is in the background.

Here is an extended family photo taken in Barbados.

Malcolm, can’t recognize the next two, Kathleen, Teddy Jones, Marjorie


Laurence’s sisters were Helen Farmer, Katy  Jones and May Marshall. Teddy and Katy’s daughter Audrey was married to Louis Seale.

Marjorie, two I don’t recognise, Dorothy May, Laurence, Helen, Katy and son Harold Jones, Mona Watson?, May Marshall with sons John Anthony and David, Maureen, and in the foreground Louis Seale.


This is a nice photo of my mother, but I don’t know the story behind it.

Marjorie Davis

As a condition of his employment at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Herbert had to take a “long leave” every few years. The only stipulation that he was to head north to Canada or the US. My parents used to say with Dad’s uncle Leo in Brooklyn, New York. Leo’s wife Ida is on the left below.

New York, USA: Ida Davis, Ian, Marjorie, Herbert and Anthony

Here is another unknown photo.

Marjorie with infant

I am going to take a wild guess and say that the photo below was taken at Plymouth, Crane, St. Philip.

Barbados: Marjorie, Ronnie and Ian

The photo below was probably taken on the south coast of Barbados. Marjorie is with her nieces, George’s girls.


Herbert was transferred to the nearby island of St. Vincent. Herbert had a sailboat, “Aurora.” I believe this group is seeing him off.

Careenage, Bridgetown: Ronnie, Christine, Marjorie and Herve inspecting the water

Below is a family reunion at Windermere, St. John, Barbados. Herbert, Marjorie and Ronnie would be visiting from St. Vincent.

Windermere: Back row: Pat, Sarah, Ronnie, Kathleen, Herbert, Marjorie, Laurence, George Front row: Anthony, Ann, Penny, Amy and Alison

Next: St. Vincent




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