Marjorie Davis (1927-2010) Chapter III

Marjorie and Herbert

Herbert enjoyed his childhood in St. Andrew. He grew up at Haggats Plantation, a 500 acre sugar cane farm managed by his father, Malcolm. Haggats bordered Walkers Plantation, owned by Marjorie’s father.

This appears to be a picnic to Lakes, St. Andrew. Sugar cane planters wore pith helmets, which they called “cork hats.” Despite their rigidity, these hats were light and gave good protection from the tropical sun. Herbert is wearing his cork hat.

Lakes, St. Andrew, Barbados. Bottom left:  Herbert and Marjorie
Engagement Photo of Herbert And Marjorie


Herbert and Marjorie married in 1948. Marjorie would have been about 21, and Herbert about 25 years old.

Wedding  1948.  Standing: Wendy Farmer, Harold Davis, unknown, Hilton Ward?              Sitting: Herbert and Marjorie

Below is another wedding photograph.

Wendy Farmer, Herbert, Marjorie, Harold and unknown lady

I loved the old country homes. I don’t know where this is.

Wedding reception, 1948: Malcolm, Kathleen, Laurence, Herbert, Marjorie, Amy and maid in uniform.

In those days, maids always wore uniforms.


Anthony was born in 1949, followed by Ian in 1951.

Herbert, Marjorie, Ian and Anthony
Circa 1953, Marjorie with the author, Ian

Seawell Airport (later renamed Grantley Adams International Airport) was an important connection to the world outside of Barbados. Marjorie is on the left below.

Circa 1955, Seawell Airport, Barbados. Squatting: Clarence Rogers, Ian Davis, William Toppin, Anthony Davis, can’t recognize last four. In the next row up, I think I recognize Gerald and Cecelia Seale. I think I see some Bethels too!

If you can identify anyone in the photo above, I would be grateful if you would contact me.

Next: Family years in Barbados




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