Marjorie Davis (1927-2010) Chapter II

Marjorie at High School

This photograph was taken of Marjorie when she was attending Codrington High School, St. John, Barbados. CHS was a private school for girls. This school was quite far from Walkers, St. Andrew, but my grandparents valued education.

Marjorie at High School

George attended Lodge School, which was within walking distance of Codrington High School. Here is the Farmer family. George is wearing his Lodge blazer and tie.

Amy, George, Marjorie and Laurence Farmer


Can you identify any of Marjorie’s team mates?

CHS Netball Team. Marjorie Farmer in glasses.

I cannot identify Marjorie in the photo below, but I am fairly sure that it was taken at Codrington High School.

Codrington High School, St. John, Barbados

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2 thoughts on “Marjorie Davis (1927-2010) Chapter II

  1. Ian, Found this by clicking on your comment on my blog which took me to your family ‘blog’ The photograph of Lawrence and Amy with George and Marjorie came leaping off the screen to me. George in his Lodge school blazer! well when we left Barbados and came to England I still had my Lodge school blazer. I have a photograph of me wearing it on the pebble beach of Seatown near Chideock in Dorset, this were we first settled back in the UK all those long years ago. So much more to talk about. Richard


    1. I’ll email you privately. It is incredible how I found your site. A witness to my GGG grandfather’s wedding had an unusual name. I searched and found there was a person in Iceland who was researching Barbadian families. Some of his relatives lived at Enmore, so I did a Google search on Enmore. Imagine my surprise as I am reading the article!


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