Marjorie Davis (1927-2010) Chapter I

Marjorie Daphne Farmer was born in 1927 to Lawrence and Amy Farmer. She married Herbert Davis in 1948. Herbert and Marjorie had three sons: Anthony, Ian and Ronnie.

Herbert, Ian, Marjorie, Ron and Anthony



Marjorie Farmer (Davis)- Early Years

I have very few early photographs of my mother, but here they are:


Marjorie and George

Marjorie was born in 1927 at Walkes Spring, St. Thomas, Barbados and George was born at River, St. Philip, Barbados. Can anyone identify the location of this photograph?


The East Coast of Barbados is the windward side of the island. A good strong Atlantic breeze is normal, making this location the favourite vacation spot for the planters.

Bathsheba, East Coast of Barbados: Marjorie and George




Back of photo above

Below is a photo of Florence May (Taylor) Farmer with grandchildren Marjorie and George. Florence was born 1875 in St. Philip. She was the daughter of John Robert Taylor and Sarah Rebecca Cuke. Florence married Joseph Alleyne Farmer. Their son was Marjorie’s father, George Laurence Farmer, born 1892.


Marjorie, Florence May Farmer and George

Marjorie and George’s father, Laurence (Longfellow) Farmer bought Walkers Plantation in St. Andrew. It was geographically the largest plantation in Barbados, but the soil was poor and subject to erosion. Marjorie would have been about eight years old.

Walkers Plantation, St. Andrew, Barbados

I am sharing these photographs with my family, and I would be grateful if others would do the same.

Later I will be writing a memorial to my grandparents, so there will be more old photos.

Next: Marjorie at High School


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