Ronnie Davis (1957-2012) Chapter II

Barbados Early Years

We have very few photos of our great-uncle Fitz Davis, but here is a humourous shot. Fitz, a former professional boxer,  was asked to strike a muscular pose. He responded with this:

Ronnie, Fitz and Ian at Cattlewash, St. Andrew

I believe this photograph was taken at either Bushy Park or Ashford Plantation, where my grandfather, Malcolm Davis, was the manager.

Ian, Anthony and Ronnie

Every Saturday afternoon, our parents would take us to Hannays Plantation in Christ Church. The adults would play tennis in their whites, and would then enjoy cocktails and conversation. The young children would play in the yard.

Ronnie, Robert Ward and Peter Beale in front of Hannays’ old sugar mill tower

Every year, our maternal grandfather, Laurence (Longfellow) Farmer, would rent a beach house at the Crane. “Plymouth” was on a cliff, next to a ravine. On the seaward side of the ravine was another cliff. There were steps down to the ravine and then steps up to the cliff that overlooked the rough sea. We boys loved to climb up and look at the sea.

Anthony, Ronnie and Ian at Plymouth, Crane, St. Philip, Barbados

There were many good beaches within walking distance.

Ian and Ronnie at the Crane Beach

We loved to swim and body surf in the rough water.

Ronnie showing he can handle the Crane surf!

We saw our cousins often.

Ronnie with cousins Cherie and Debby by Plymouth’s driveway

This Christmas scene was probably Plymouth. The trees were imported from thousands of miles away and were not in the best condition when they arrived.

Marjorie, Ronnie and Ian

I don’t know the story around the next shot, but it looks like Ronnie at Windermere.

Windermere, St. John: Ronnie
Windermere, St. John: Ian, Ronnie and Anthony


When Ronnie was still very young, our parents took him to the neighbouring island of St. Vincent. Anthony and Ian remained in Barbados because the Vincentian schools were not acceptable. My next post will be about Ronnie in St. Vincent.


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