Ronnie Davis (1957-2012) Chapter I

Bohemia, Belleville

This is a photographic tribute to my departed brother, Ronnie Davis. I hope that our relatives will be able to relive old memories by viewing this eclectic collection of our family photographs.

Ronald George Malcolm Davis was born on 23rd February 1957 in Mrs. Stoute’s Nursing Home (a birthing centre), St. Michael, Barbados. His parents were Herbert and Marjorie Davis.

He passed away from cancer on 9th April 2012 at his home in Sunset Crest, St. James, Barbados. He was fifty five years old.

Herbert and Marjorie’s three sons Anthony, Ian and Ronnie grew up in a home called “Bohemia” on 10th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael, Barbados.

Bohemia: Photo circa 1957. Baby Ronnie held by Anthony. Ian on left.


Bohemia was a modest lath and plaster home, but we did have a lawn with fruit trees, as well as a gravel yard.

Bohemia: Anthony and Ronnie with parents Marjorie and Herbert. Julie mango tree is in the background.


We had a smooth haired fox terrier cross called Rover.

Bohemia: Ronnie and Rover


Ian bought an incubator on a trip to the US and hatched a hen named Samuella, after Uncle Sam!

Front steps Bohemia: Ian with his pet chicken and the incubator. Ronnie is on the right.

We had a mahogany Morris suite with removable cushions. As of June 2016, I still have the suite! Herbert is seated with (I guess) Ken Coombes’ family. Ronnie and Ian are in the foreground.

Bohemia living room

Here is Ronnie in front of our Julie mango tree referenced earlier. Behind the mango tree was a concrete wall that faced 10th Avenue. All the young children were fans of the Cowboy Genre!

Bohemia: Cowboy Ronnie in front of Mango tree.

In the next chapter, I will reveal photographs of Ronnie at Hannays, Christ Church, Cattlewash, St. Andrew and the Crane, St. Philip.



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