Above: Crane Beach, St. Philip, Barbados

Ian Davis welcomes you to my “Family History” blog.

I created this blog to memorialize my departed family members. I will share numerous old photographs that will relate to many in Barbados.

I chose the Crane photo above, as our extended family has had many fond memories of this coast. The image above is actually a crop (slice) of a larger photo which was taken with an old manual medium format film camera. I was with my mother and my uncle George when I took it.

While the primary goal of this site is to share photographs of the past, a secondary goal is to collect more information. There are many unidentified persons in the photos, and I would be grateful with help there. Also, if you have any family photos you would like to share please contact me.

You may wish to look for a specific topic, like a surname or a location. If you look on the right below the photo, you may use the pull down Topics menu.

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